Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there minimum notice required for a booking?

A: For each service provided there is a minimum notice required. For a Wine Tour with BBQ lunch we do need to have at least 48 hours’ notice to confirm the menu to allow for product purchases, for a Wine Tour excluding the BBQ 24 hours’ notice is required. For all last minute enquiries please call the mobile on 0403 185 237.

Q: Do wine tours have to start at 10:00am or can we arrange a later/earlier pickup?

A: As we have several stops on our way it is best to leave your pickup destination at 10:00am so we can get to each venue and have enough time to really sit back and relax through lunch, but given notice we can certainly look at pick up from 10:30am or another arranged time, just feel free to send through an enquiry on our contact us page and we can confirm prior to booking.

Q: Is there minimum hire hours for special events?

A: As each event has its own individual requirements please send through an enquiry on our contact page and we can assist you with a quote for you special day, be it a wedding, formal or other event.

Q: With the menu choices can we order multiples of the same dish or do we need to order a separate main meals for each person?

A: Our menu is designed to allow our guests the choice of whichever main meal they would prefer. We will supply starters as outlined, enough for the group, and your choice of 2 salads for the group, then each individual can select their preferred main item, we are more than happy to cook up to five of the same dish or five different mains if each person has different tastes, for vegetarian or other dietary requirements please feel free to send through an enquiry on our contact us page.

Q: Can we purchase wine on the tour and other products and take them home with us?

A: Certainly. Our goal is for you to have a memorable day and enjoy yourselves without any hassle or fuss. We can transport any wine/produce you may purchase in the car with you and drop off to your accommodation once the tour wraps up. For cold goods space may be limited so you would just need to check with Mr Wilson on the day.

Q: What if it is raining on the day?

A: Alternative transport is available or rain cheques can be organised.


~ If there is anything we haven’t covered above please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions &
we will get back to you as quickly as we can~